While in the constant pursuit of a full-time career as an actor, director, and producer in film, television, and theatre since his early twenties, Andrew has been afforded the opportunity of working both in front of and behind the camera on over 25 feature films as well as both onstage and backstage for several theatrical productions. Whether it's directing, producing, or acting; Andrew brings an intensity and professionalism to each production in which he takes part. His involvement in both big budget films and productions with smaller budgets has taught him to fill various production roles on set and to be flexible and accommodating with a focus on the successful completion of the project.

Believing life to be our best teacher, Andrew learned most of his lessons the hard way by working with his hands, holding down odd jobs, travelling, and encountering individuals that are on a similar path to self discovery. Having studied theatre at Stonybrook University, Andrew appreciates the value of having a strong theatrical background in order to better understand the mechanics of character work. "If one doesn't know, come to learn; should one learn, teach."* .

Since many of his roles have been action related, Andrew spends much of his time at the gym training his body thru the medium of Martial Arts and weight lifting. Still Andrew prefers to be challenged by characters with a softer side, gentler in nature, and more akin to his true self, but also finds himself identifying with tragically flawed characters that allow the artist to delve deep within oneself for the answers.

Some of Andrew's favorite roles have been; a boxer named Joe in Praxis, Roy, a carpenter turned gangster to avenge his family's murder in Inner Rage, The Australian surfer, Ryan Hastings, in 3 to 5 and Glassy, Eustace, the bungling Scottish hitman, in Down Clown and of course the title role of Macbeth.

................................................................................*A. Roth